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The Invention of Legacy: A Tribute to Hena Maes-Jelinek
Cumberland Lodge, Windsor, England, 24-26 March 2010

Wednesday 24 March 2010

18h00    Welcome and Registration

18h30    Opening Ceremony (Chair: Bénédicte Ledent, Liège)

Alastair Niven (Cumberland Lodge)
Geoffrey Davis (Aachen, Chair of ACLALS)
Jeanne Delbaere-Garant (Brussels), “Because it was she...”
Peter Marsden (Aachen), “A Kaddish for Hena”

19h15    Dinner

21h30    Reading by Stephanos Stephanides (Cyprus)


Thursday 25 March 2010

9h00     Plenary Address

Kirsten Holst Petersen (Roskilde), “Quetzecoatl and Shostakovich: the Art of Aubrey Williams”
10h00    Coffee break

10h30    Paper Session 1: Wilson Harris

Daria Tunca (Liège), “Intersections on the ‘Map of Art’: Ben Okri’s Dangerous Love and Wilson Harris’s The Mask of the Beggar”
Tim Cribb (Cambridge), “The Poetics of Landscape in Wilson Harris and John Kinsella”
Louis James (Canterbury), “Hena Maes-Jelinek and Wilson Harris”
13h00    Lunch

14h30    Paper Session 2: Australia

Robert Sellick (Adelaide), “To Burn or Not to Burn” (Patrick White)
Cynthia vanden Driesen (Edith Cowan, Perth), “Cannibalism, ‘Unspeakable Rites’ and the Initiation of the White Female as Settler-Indigene in Patrick White’s A Fringe of Leaves”
Janet Wilson (Northampton), “Not Saying Sorry: Australian Responses to the Howard Government’s refusal to apologise to the Stolen Generation”
Peter O. Stummer (Munich), “Changes in the Australian Short Story: Nam Le and John Murray”
Wolfgang Zach (Innsbruck), “(Re)Defining Aboriginal and Australian Identity in Indigenous Australian Drama”
17h00    Coffee break

17h30    Readings by Fred D’Aguiar and Caryl Phillips

19h15    Dinner

21h15    Readings by Karen King-Aribisala and Kirpal Singh


Friday 26 March 2010

9h00     Paper Session 3: Africa and the Diaspora

Annalisa Oboe (Padua), “The Legacy of Atlantic Crossings: Eslanda Goode Robeson’s African Journey (1945)”
Christine Levecq (Kettering, Flint), “On the ‘Erasure of Specificities’ in Studies of the African Diaspora”
Stella Borg Barthet (Malta), “Style for Language: The Rendering of African language(s) in its Literature”
John McLeod (Leeds), “Small Island, Secret Island: Representations of Adoption and Race in the UK”
10h45    Coffee break

11h15    Paper Session 4: The Caribbean

Christine Pagnoulle (Liège), “On the Kamau Trail”
Kathleen Gyssels (Antwerp), “Marassa, Marrane, and Maroon: The Reversible Oeuvre of André Schwarz-Bart”
Eckhard Breitinger (Bayreuth), “Von Jenseits des Meeres: Romantic and Revolutionary Visions of Caribbean History”
Petra Tournay (Cyprus), “Telling Your Story: Memory and Trauma in Leone Ross's Orange Laughter
13h00    Lunch

14h30    Final Reminiscences (Chair: Marc Delrez, Liège)

Rudolph Bader, Reading
Dominique Hecq (Swinburne, Melbourne), “Glitter: Letters to the End of Grief”
Wilson Harris, “On Hena” (tbc)

The provisional programme can also be downloaded in Word version


Registration Form

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